Travel Info

Here your will find information you need to travel to our wedding.

Contact Info

Lenka's Contact info while in Czech:

  • mobile: +420 723 019 603
  • address: Hostovice 86; 40002 Usti nad Labem; Czech Republic
  • Check out the map of Usti/events
  • Calendar of Events

Where to Fly

We recommend that you fly to Prague, Czech RepublicRuzyne International Airport (It is the only airport in Prague). You can also fly to Dresden, Germany, but we don't recommend it as Prague is a much more beautiful city.

Where to Stay

We recommend that you stay in Prague as there are a lot of touristy things to see in and around Prague and the Hotel selection is much better. The wedding location is little over an hour from Prague so you can get there the day off of the wedding. However, we have booked a hotel for two nights in Usti for you for the days of August 24th and 25th. So plan your Prague stay accordingly.

While in Prague:

You need to book your own hotel as everyones stay is different. When looking for hotel we recommend that you chose a hotel close to one of these centers:

  • Charles Bridge: Charles bridge connects the Old Town and the Prague castle, so it is pretty central location.
  • National Museum: Probably a good trade off between cost and location as National Musem is pretty central to everything you should see and it is also close to metro.
  • Old Town Square: Preferred choice. In the center of the old town with a lot of history to see.
  • Prague Castle: Little far out from the other attractions but very historic.

Good place to look for hotels is: and search for Prague.

While in Usti

We have taken care of the hotel accommodations while in Usti. Turns out that during our wedding they will be filming sequel to "Chronicles of Narnia" This is a bit of a problem as the film crew and actors managed to book every available hotel in Usti. :-) We were able to find one hotel which we have already reserved for you. The roster is preliminary, but if it is not right or you need to be added please email us.



Who is going from USA?

So that you are not bored while you are in Prague I have published a spreadsheet which you can use to keep in touch with each other and know when / who / how to contact each other.

What to see while in Prague?

stay tuned...

What to see while in Usti?

stay tuned...

How do we get to the wedding?

We will provide transportation. Most likely we will rent a bus to pick you up and drop you off so you don't have to worry about transportation.

Where is the wedding?